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Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple is located in Dengfeng City, 15 km northwest of Songshan Shaoshi mountain, according to the Zhengzhou city 100 kilometers. The main landscape are often hospitalized, um, um Zu Tallinn, founder of Damour hole. Founded in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the Buddhism and the birthplace of Shaolin martial arts known.


  Since ancient times, the beautiful world, Songshan. Songshan ranks among the mountains, not only is the cultural landscape of the treasure, and gathers the natural landscape. Mountain peaks of great momentum, Songshan, tall and straight, scenes of thousands of. From the peak, valley, hole, waterfalls, springs, forests and other natural scenery of Zhongyue twelve scenery, magnificent and elegant, attractive, and vacated, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls, colorful.

Henan Museum

  Henan museum is the history of Modern Art Museum, located in the provincial capital of Henan, Zhengzhou City, officially opened in May 1, 1998. Henan Museum covers an area of more than 10 square meters, construction area of 78000 square meters. The Museum of Tibetan Tatsu more than 13 pieces.

The Yellow River Scenic Area

  The Yellow River scenic area is located in Zhengzhou City, 30 km northwest, north of the Yellow River, South to the mountains. The main attractions of distinctive but a unified tone, constitute a " cradle of a nation " as the theme of landscape painting.

Songyang Academy

  Built in Northern Wei Wo eight years ( AD 484 years ). Located southwest of Zhengzhou, 80 kilometers south of Songshan, backed by the high peak, in the face of Sungai River, because is located in Songshan Yang named. The Shongyang is a famous ancient Chinese institution of higher learning in history of science, known to the world.

Zhongyue Temple

  Located in Zhengzhou, 80 km southwest of Dengfeng city. Built in the Qin, is the sacrificial offering rooms mountain place. After the expansion, renovation, Zhongyue temple into a palace of the ancient building group, a total area of 110000 square meters, Zhongzhou CI Yu crown, is one the biggest, the most complete preservation of ancient buildings. Public transport.

The hometown of Huang Di

      The hometown of Huang Di scenic spot is located in Henan province Xinzheng City Regulus Road, covers an area of 100 acres, the hometown of Huang Di temple was built in the Han Dynasty, after the repair was ruined building, the Ming and Qing dynasties. Qing emperor Kangxi fifty-four years ( 1751), Xinzheng county magistrate Xu Zhaozhu Li " hometown Xuanyuan " monument. To carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, in memory of ancestors merit. Later, the people's Government of Xinzheng Municipality on the hometown of Huang Di scenic spot was expansion. Huang Di's hometown is at home and abroad all the children of the Yellow Emperor and ancestor worship roots in the holy land, was named the national AAAA level scenic area. 2000 was announced as the key protection units in Henan Province, Zhengzhou city is one of the ten major scenic spots.